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Talk by Gnanvatsal Swamiji

Date: 1 st Oct. 2018

Pujya Gnanvatsal Swamiji from BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha graced the students of SIIB by his presence and delivered a lecture on stress management and motivation in life. Swamiji has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been giving motivational talks to students for many years in over 60 countries. The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha has hostels, hospitals, schools, and colleges in 30 campuses around the world, and they promote healthy and peaceful living, along with a positive drive towards careers. Swamiji spoke to the students about the various experiences they will come across in their work life after MBA, and how they have to tackle the cut throat competition outside ethically and morally. Swamiji taught the students that when it comes to their lives and relationships, the students will have to enter a routine fuelled by willpower, so as to not deviate from righteous and ethical living. He warned the students about falling into loops of unethical practices, which will cause them to tumble in their careers. He asked students to prioritize ethical living and ethical practices in their careers and personal lives to prevent stress. He left the students with a saying; that if one doesn’t know how to carry one’s load, the back will break; as management students, we need to know where to invest our time and efforts to live peaceful lives, and that the virtue of acceptance is the way forward. The lecture ended with an interactive question and answered session, where the students were further enlightened about Dharma, spirituality and its importance in our daily lives.

Talk by Gnanvatsal Swamiji at SIIB
Talk by Gnanvatsal Swamiji at SIIB
Talk by Gnanvatsal Swamiji at SIIB
Talk by Gnanvatsal Swamiji at SIIB
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