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Guest Lecture by Mrs. Aditi Patil

The batch of 2018-2020 had its first guest lecture on 20th July 2018, by Mrs Aditi Patil, who is an SIIB alumnus. Mrs Patil has over 15 years of global experience in FMCG, hospitality, banking and healthcare. She was here to give the students a talk on ‘Business Story Telling for Leaders – Tapping into the power of stories to elevate communication’. The lecture started with an introduction to business storytelling, during which she invited a few volunteers onto the stage to engage in a ‘Story Swap’. The students were then introduced to a model, of Mrs Patil’s making, called the ERA (Emotion, Reason and Action). Students were taught how to use these three attributes in their conversations to convince people of their cause. Mrs Patil then spoke about the three superpowers in storytelling - connection, time travel and brains in sync, and explained to the students using examples from her own experiences. The students then had a question and answer session where they asked Mrs Patil about the vulnerability and strengths of storytelling in their everyday lives, to which she replied that to include story-telling in their professional communications they need to understand the audience and implement this accordingly, in order to become more effective communicators. After the Lecture Mrs Patil added that she always enjoyed coming back to SIIB, and looks forward to more interaction with the students.

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