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Foundation Day at SIIB

10th July, 2018,
SIIB celebrated its 26 th Foundation day on the 10 th of July 2018. On this occasion the entire SIIB family was honoured to have eminent artists who graced us by their presence and en-capitulated us with their musical performances. The program commenced with a lamp lighting ceremony by our esteemed chief guests, Pt. Arvind Kumar Azad, Pt. Rajendra Kulkarni, Pt. Dilip Kale and our Director Professor Dr Asmita Chitnis. Following which, the students and faculty were shown a video celebrating the life at SIIB, where the students spoke about the impact SIIB had on their lives. The audience was then enthralled by a classical music performance by our chief guests, and a surprise percussion performance by Nitin Sathav and his troup. Dr. Asmita Chitnis spoke about a sapling plantation initiative, to be started for the Agribusiness division and the SIIB mobile site was unveiled today. The day ended with our director reminding us to conserve this enthusiasm and energy until this day arrives again in the future. SIIB has added another year of quality education to its crown, and hopes to maintain its permanence in the sphere of academia.

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