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Date: 8 th Sept. 2018

ENECON’18, the flagship event of MBA Energy and Environment, successfully concluded its fourth chapter which was an amalgamation of industry and the scholarly community. The theme of this year’s conclave was “Think. Adapt. Sustain.”based on Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations Development Programme.The conclave saw huge participation from industry experts as well as students and faculty across various colleges in Pune.

Illustrious business personnel, Mr. Sharad Kalghatgi, India HSE, and Sustainability Lead, Mondelez International; Mr. Arvind Bodhankar, Corporate head – HSE & Sustainability, Tata Motors; Brig. YVR Vijay, COO- OMS, Suzlon; Mr. Rajat Malhotra, COO, IFM West Asia, JLL and Mr. SomaSundram R, Head Strategic Initiatives Mytrah Energy were the honorable speakers for the occasion.The occasion started with the lighting of the light and the felicitation by Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director SIIB. It was followed by the second release of Equilibria, the annual newsletter of the Department of Energy and Environment.

Mr. Sharad Kalghatgi shared his views on SDG’s advantages and economics. He discussed how world and industry think about Sustainable development goals. He also shared his views on the social imbalance transitional economy and present-day economics and made a statement that “We need to grow responsibly for Sustainable Development.” He stated that focus should be a shift from India to Bharat for having a social and environmental balance.

Mr. Arvind Bodhankar gave insights on TATA Motors alignment with SDG’s. He also shared his findings on the Sustainable Supply Chain in Tata Motors. Also, He mentioned how TATA Motors being an epitome of constant efforts towards the purchase agreement in encouraging Renewable Energy, Circular Economy and designing environment-friendly and recyclable vehicle.

Brig. YVR Vijay presented his views on Renewable Energy, Emerging Technology and its impacts 2030. Firstly, he introduced key distribution technologies changing our lives. He also stated that there is an alternative way of manufacturing for sustainable growth. His visionary thoughts gave an insight into “Clean Energy Future India.”Enriching the young minds through utter experience on grid parity, a cheaper affordable solution of energy storage and future electric vehicle disruption in 2030.

Mr. Rajat Malhotra addressed the theme by showcasing the integration of sustainability with smart buildings. He introduced the principle of “3: Smart Building; 30: Smart workplace; 300: Smart work experience.” He explained how we design an energy efficient building for a lesser impact on global CO2 emissions.

Mr. SomaSundram R gave his valuable inputs on Building a sustainable business by providing a sustainable solution with embedding five major elements: Belief, Perseverance, Durability, Relationship, and Purpose. He explained his firms’ initiatives with a correlation of SDG’s for creating livelihood and building resilient infrastructure. At last, he stated that energy is fuel for driving future economy.

After the insightful views shared by eminent speakers, Dr. Prakash Rao, Deputy Director conducted a panel discussion with speakers. They discussed on various issues like implementing SDG goals, global disparity as a barrier towards the implementation of SDG’s, parametric view of asset utilization and how the economy of scale plays a major role in cost reduction of renewable energy production.

The participants had an extremely positive reaction towards the conference as was obvious from the drawing in Q&A session with the business stalwarts. Summing everything up in a vote of thanks by Dr. Ravi Sharma, the convener of ENECON 2018 explained how the audience was inspired to think optimistically towards the issue of climate change, sustainability and use of clean energy and promised to come again next year with a new thought-provoking issue.

ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
ENECON’18 Flagship Event of SIIB
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