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Corporate Jumanji

Date ::30 July 2018

The E-cell of SIIB organized its first event of this academic year, Corporate Jumanji, which not only tested the students awareness but also checked their entrepreneurship acumen. Both juniors and seniors participated in the event enthusiastically. The event was targeted at imparting knowledge along with providing a platform to socialize and enjoy. The event was divided into two elements, a preliminary online quiz, attempted by 120+ students which checked their knowledge across various domains like business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and current affairs. Six teams of two people each were further shortlisted, who went on to compete in the second round where they engaged themselves in game of Monopoly but with a twist. SIIB's foyer was converted into a real life monopoly board game and the students themselves acted as tokens, making a move on the board after careful deliberation. The game created a sense of competitiveness and excitement among the students and the twist created situations where the students were made to apply the concepts learnt in classes and those related to entrepreneurship. The event received an overwhelming response from the batches which lead to its success.

SIIB Corporate Jumanji
SIIB Corporate Jumanji
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