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HR Conclave 2018

Date: 28 th July 2018

Today, SIIB witnessed the fourth edition of its HR conclave, with the theme ‘Transformational HR’.The event began with the lighting of the lamp and felicitation of the speakers by our director, Dr Asmita Chitnis. This was followed by a talk on changing the mind-set of the people in an organization, by Ms Anu Sethi, DGM, HR, FEV. Her talk focussed on the roles that HR plays in changing the thought process and outlook of an organization. The next speaker was Mr Bala Aiyaswamy, VP, Head – Talent Management, Reliance Industries Limited, he gave a talk about the digitalization era in HR, and how it helps HR evolve and extend the role of human resources from cost to value. Next, the students heard a talk from Mr Shalin Kadikar, Head – Learning and Development, Audi (Volkswagen) his talk focussed on the changing practices in HR, and how prepared HR was to deal with the changes the 2025 revolution in technology was bringing. Lastly we had a panel discussion, involving the speakers and Mr Kingshuk Bhadury, where the students were exposed to new perspectives on awards and recognition, diversity and inclusion and the 3 P’s of HR- people skills, prioritization skills and persuasive skills. The students engaged with the speakers for a question and answer session. The event was successful in imparting to students the transformations that have taken place in HR.