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Guest lecture on ‘Wise Leadership and Values’ by Prof. David Rooney

Symbiosis Institute of International Business was proud to welcome Prof. David Rooney- a renowned name in Leadership, Organisation Management, Strategic Management and with teaching experience spanning over fifteen years, for a Guest Lecture on ‘Wise Leadership and Values’ on 9th November, 2017 at SIIB auditorium, Pune.

The event initiated with felicitation of Prof. Rooney by Director Asmita Chitnis post which he took the centre stage and explained about the philosophy behind ‘Wise Leadership’. Taking cues from the Indian culture and its values, Prof. Rooney asserted that with the growing trends in Global Leadership and Strategic Management, India happens to be the exporter of wisdom to the world. He then explained in detail the difference of leadership in theory and in actual practice.

Prof. Rooney educated the students about the types of modern leadership which consists of Transformational Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership and Transactional Leadership. He also put a light on the qualities a leader must possess which includes juggling multi-level acts on the macro, meso and micro level and to strive towards achieving high performance and high integrity.

Prof. Rooney also stressed on the importance of wisdom in world leadership and that wisdom is the new but old way of understanding how to lead. It is a stimulated integration of mind, body and behaviour and it has little but no leverage on the age and experience of an individual. He also talked about the importance of values and how to achieve the strategic fit of right values in a right direction by reflecting on the experiences and evaluating the mix of values which define one’s personality.

The guest lecture ended with Q&A session wherein inquisitive students asked questions regarding leadership, wisdom and values in corporate world. We thank Prof. Rooney for taking his time out and providing students a great opportunity to learn more on World Leadership and Corporate Governance.

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