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The Finance specialization students of Batch 2016-18 and the International Business students of batch 2017-19 got a chance to interact with Mr. Vishal Shinkhedkar, Vice President and Circle head of Kotak Privy Bank. The interactive session was mainly conducted to enlighten the students about various avenues available in the field of Finance.

The workshop started with Mr. Vishal talking about vital stats of the banking industry, and the recent developments taking over. He discussed about the emerging concept of “Digital Disruption” & technologies like Robo Advisory, Bionic etc. which are taking over the financial sector slowly. In terms of career, he extensively talked about the profile of Relationship Manager, and the roles & responsibilities involved in the profile.

Moving to Investments field, he provided insights into the risks involved in various avenues of investments, and laid stress on framing the right policy that may maximize the returns for the investor, amidst the risks involved. Taking the help of various illustrations, he briefly explained the concept of Mutual Funds, portfolio theory, risk-return theory etc. and enlisted certain factors that should be considered before investing in any avenue.

He also talked about the importance of risk management, and how it is gaining importance in today’s corporate scenario. He deliberated upon the initiatives taken by the government for the same and laid stress on the importance of these policies.

Furthermore, he talked about the prospects of having a career in wealth management. He clearly stated that a career in this field involves high order learning, and even touched upon the aspect of work-life balance that can be maintained along.

The workshop ended with a Q&A session, where the students asked multiple questions, both technical & non-technical, to get better insights about the nuances of the financial sector. Overall, it was an enriching session for the students.

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