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Orientation Program

SIIB’s Orientation Program for the batch of 2016-2018!!!

Post the Induction yesterday, today was the Orientation Program scheduled for the batch of 2016-2018; that went off with a spark with the batch triggering lots of interesting questions related to their career goals, dreams realization, leadership and about the stint in the corporate world as future MBAs rolled out equally scintillating answers from a very diverse and well suited panelists who conducted this Orientation Program for the batch. Director SIIB, Dr. Asmita Chitnis was frank enough to announce it to the students that they may take this session as an “Informal one” and may really speak their hearts out to the panelists who were the proud Alumni of SIIB and hold significant positions in their respective companies; Mr. Abhijeet Ranade (Partner, KPMG), Mr. Susshruth Apshankar (Chief Operating Officer at SG Analytics) & Mr. Venkatesalu (Chief Finance Officer, Trent, a TATA’s initiative)

The session was a thoroughly interactive and an engaging one for the batch as they were oriented by these three alumni mentors on everything possibly in their curious minds and leading answers to probably to most of the questions.

Their content ranged from how perception is the reality, perception gets created otherwise; you create one to Quality ranking as the top priority everywhere that acts as a strong differentiator. They all were uniform in their thoughts on “Adapting Change” & “Learning to say NO” as big assets people have. A strong message delivered by one of the panelist was ‘Never to discuss people but to find out problems and seeksolutions of the organization they work for in future.

Overall, true to the concept and the theme Orientation; the batch of 2016-2018 did get Oriented towards the nuances of MBA degree,corporate life thereafter as well as the key to ‘Happiness’ mantra apart from the management ‘Gyan’.

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