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Marketing Conclave 2017

‘Markadiction’ - The Marketing Club of SIIB organized its annual ‘Marketing conclave -2017’ on 19th August, 2017 at SIIB auditorium. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Responsible Marketing’ wherein speakers from the industry sensitized the students and provided insights into the subject. The event was commemorated by lighting the lamp by Dr. Asmita Chitnis along with the esteemed guests.

Mr. Arvind R P, Vice President & Head – Marketing, Kaya Ltd. India, initiated the talk by bringing out the intricacies involved in Responsible Marketing. He talked about how the brands these days face a constant challenge and presence of a grey line between what is right and wrong. He emphasized on protecting the rights of consumers and avoiding excessive consumerism. He also mentioned that Responsible Marketing is not only about sustainability and CSR, but also is multi-dimensional.

Mr. Suhas Jain, Head – Marketing Strategy, JK Cement Ltd, discussed various challenges and strategies required in Cement manufacturing. He gave a detailed explanation about step-by- step process in cement manufacturing and how various measures are being taken to conserve the environment, thus linking it to Responsible Marketing. He also threw some light on different initiatives being taken by Responsible Marketers and Responsible Consumers.

Mr. Rohit Reddy, Founder & CEO, Bagtalk, enthralled the audience by drawing their attention towards the videos showing various mis-selling tactics adopted by companies. He advocated that companies should avoid over-committing and under-delivering, exaggerating and encouraging materialism. He further added that the companies should not take advantage of under privileged customers and should tread carefully as marketers.

Mr. Sunil Alagh, Founder & Chairman of SKA Advisors, Ex-M.D & CEO, Britannia Industries Ltd, spoke about Responsible Marketing concept which starts from within and continues to the workplace. He advocated that generating profits is directly linked with responsible approach towards Marketing. He also explained about Dissonance, which causes conflict within a consumer considering a product purchase and Consonance, which helps a consumer build a positive view about the product.

Post discussion by the panelists, a Q&A session was arranged wherein inquisitive students asked queries regarding the subject matter of discussion. Moreover, as a part of the event, a case study competition was conducted in association with our academic partner High Spirit Commercial Venture Pvt. Ltd. A special thanks to Prof. Aughi Dalton, Director learning solutions for being a constant support throughout all the rounds of case study competition. The Marketing Conclave ended with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Suchita Jha, Assistant Professor - Marketing, who acknowledged the guests, Director- Asmita Chitnis, faculty and the students for gracing the occasion with their presence. Lastly, she thanked all the sponsors and congratulated ‘Markadiction’ the Marketing Club - SIIB for making this event a grand success.

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