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The emergence of social media has changed the traditional ways of branding, and it is now considered as one of the most important and cost friendly medium of marketing. Marketing Conclave – the annual marketing event of SIIB conducted by its very own marketing club – Markadiction, this year, was an endeavour towards establishing a good comprehension of the modern methods and mechanics of branding through social media.

The tone for the main event was set by various pre events namely Catch me if you can, Social Kalyan , Mayajaal and Mind Boggler which saw participation in huge numbers from students across institutes. A workshop by Mr. Agam Garg , Marketing Manager, Zoomcar turned out to be a great learning experience for the marketing students.

The D-day kickstarted with a keynote address by Mr. Dushyant Saraswat - Vice President (Business) , Paytm.

A veteran in the field of marketing, Mr. Saraswat shared that Digital marketing is a subset of the marketing universe the way a headlight is a part of a car assembly. In today’s fast paced world driven by rapid advances in technology , digital marketing is but imperative. Internet has become a very important resource when it comes to customization of BTL content for each customer. Internet penetration in India is about 243 million, says Mr. Saraswat, however, 100 Million of these users have only experienced the internet over mobile. Thus it becomes very important for a Paytm that does 3 million transactions in a day that content over mobile is rich and adaptive.

He also explained the Cost Per Acquisition and the Lifetime Value for a customer on the digital platform and how cross selling and upselling can enhance value.

As a closing statement he stated that analytics becomes an imperative for any marketer as the data collected will help a company understand shopping behaviour of the consumer. It was all in all an enlightening sneak peak into the real work of marketing on the digital platform.

The session was carried forward by an interesting panel discussion in the field of social media branding. Mr. Anil Pillai - Director , Terragni Consulting Pvt Ltd led the panel as moderator . The panellists included dignitaries from the world of digital marketing such as A Ms. Lubna Khan - National Strategy Head at Orchard Advertising( Leo Burnett Group) Mr. Dviwesh Mehta - Marketing Manager , and Mr. Narendra Parekh - Head of Marketing & Digital , Turtle limited. The discussion brought to light some interesting insights about digital media marketing and its mammoth impact on branding. The guests were happy to share their take on social media marketing best practices and answered some very interesting questions put forth by the students.

The session was wrapped up with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Tapti Sarmah, the convenor of Marketing Conclave 2016. The conclave was declared a huge success by students and faculty alike, and all the efforts of the entire Marketing Conclave team including the faculty coordinators, marketing batch students and IB junior team paid off.

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