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Marketing Fair 2020@SIIB

Date: 16-01-2020

Marketing Fair 2020 witnessed vivacity and enthusiasm at its peak at SIIB. 29 study groups from the junior IB and AB batch came together to host Marketing Fair 2020 by offering different products and services in the campus.  Food, beverages, games, posters, etc. were sold under the same roof of the Marketing Fair 2020. Students merged their marketing know-how with their selling skills to engage with various potential buyers in the college. The event had a high footfall comprising of the fellow batchmates, senior batch, faculty and the staff. Besides being a fun event, it was a hands-on learning experience where students learnt how to prospect, pitch and engage with customers. Moreover, groups were involved in strategical planning and demand forecasting. Prior to the fair, three pre events were conducted, namely, Brand Logo and Tagline Design, Craft Your Pitch and Marketooning. These events enhanced the overall participation and engagement of the groups in the fair. It was one of a kind of experience which tapped the leadership and management skills of every individual. The Marketing Fair was a huge success and was organised under the supervision and support of. Prof. Suchita Jha, Head of Department, Marketing.

Marketing Fair 2020 of SIIB
Marketing Fair 2020 of SIIB
Marketing Fair 2020 of SIIB
Marketing Fair 2020 of SIIB
Marketing Fair 2020 of SIIB
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