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HR Conclave

Report - HR Conclave !!!

SIIB hosted the annual conclave of Human Resources, organized by the HR Club HRConnect on 30 th July,2016. This attended by eminent names of the corporate world. The program was a scintillating exhibition of knowledge and eloquence.

Erratic, self-conscious, intolerant to criticism yet enthusiastic, brimming with energy and vigour: the Millenials. Who are they? What is their significance? How do they add value? And what strategies should the HR Professionals employ in utilizing these exorbitant human capital pools optimally? These intriguing questions, indispensable for not only HR professionals but every professional, were discussed comprehensively under the broad theme of “Millenials - The Generation Game”.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp by the Director, Dr. Asmita Chitnis and the esteemed guests: Mr. Deodatta Kurane, Mr.Kuldeep Mamgain, Mr.Amit Choudhary and Col. Sunil Brijkrishnan. This was followed by an address to the audience by Dr. Sunita Ramam, Faculty, HR. Then followed the felicitation of the key note speaker, Mr. Deodatta Kurane, President Human Capital, Yes Bank Ltd. An alumunus of XLRI, Mr. Kurane ushered the topic very interestingly with a Bollywood Song. He, then,went on to throw light on important aspects regarding “Engaging the Millenial Employees”. He introduced the concept of “Uberized HR” which was not only illuminating for the students but acted as a fuel to their inquisitive minds as well. Reiterating the importance of harnessing millenials rather than subduing them, Mr. Kurane explicitly emphasized that “Being Millenial Ready” was the need of the hour.

Following this enriching session HRConnect heralded the panel discussion on “Innovatiove HR Practices to leverage the Millenials”. A live panel discussion with a lucidity and eloquence sought by one and all was initiated with Col. Sunil Brijkrishnan, Consultant: Soft Skills & Faculty: Business Administration and Corporate Communication being the moderator and the panelists being Mr. Kuldeep Mamgain, Talent Strategy Lead, EKart, Flipkart; Mr. Shekhar Kamble, Region Head, Talent Acquisition Group, TCS and Mr. Amit Choudhary, Group Head, HR, Thermax. With each of these gentlemen highly impressed by the exuberance oozing out of the SIIB students, their inputs on the top attained a superlative level. The level of indulgence by both the panelists and the students could be ascertained by the simple fact that despite of crossing the time limit, neither was willing to call it a day.

Then came the surprise icing on the cake, an immensely enriching address by Mr. Anurag Verma, Director, HR, Flipkart. What a fulfilling end to such a rich day!

The program seamlessly came to an end with the Vote of Thanks offered by Dr. Sunita Ramam.

Indisputably, the HR Conclave of SIIB was an extremely enriching day for the students, the faculties and the guests alike; a memory they will all cherish time and again.

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