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Letter From the SG

Dear Delegates and Faculty advisors,

It gives me immense pleasure in inviting you all to the first edition of Incontro MUN 2015, the Model United Nations organized by Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Pune, India in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre for Indian and Bhutan (UNIC), New Delhi. I on behalf of the secretariat, welcome you all to be a part of the journey with an agenda that concentrates on the UN Millennium Development Goals and addressing the growing concerns and importance of Geostrategic competition. Incontro MUN 2015 will proudly host four UN committees, the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN and the UN Economic and Social Council.
We as secretariat promise to carry on the tradition and excellence of an MUN through this conference that presents insight into the kind of diplomacy and negotiation that is vital to the field of international relations today. With the rise of Geostrategic competition is considered to be the second most important global trend, Geopolitics – and realpolitik – is once again taking center stage, with potential wide-ranging consequences for the global economy, politics, and society. 
I hope to provide ample opportunities to students an arena that encapsulates innovation and a conference with a common objective of striving to attain World Peace. Through Incontro MUN 2015 we hope to bring in a holistic approach to knowledge gaining and sharing under the purview of the United Nations. We also hope that it serves as a forum for better understanding of international affairs for delegates and for the college community as a whole. We do this through guest speakers and international relations professionals who would be addressing at the inaugural and closing ceremonies of Incontro MUN 2015.
I invite all the MUNers across the world to come and be a part of Incontro MUN 2015 on the 24th and 25th of September 2015. We would be privileged to host you at our campus at Hinjewadi, Pune, India. Being an avid MUNer myself, I am honoured to organize the first edition of Incontro MUN with a promise that Incontro MUN will stand as a benchmark in the future for all Model United Nations across the world. We hope you have two terrific days of learning and an unforgettable experience with us.
We look forward to seeing you all this September.


Zubin Deepak
Secretary General

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