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“When the path ignites a soul, there's no remaining in place. The foot touches ground, but not for long.” IGNISENSE is an event that enthralls, entices and seizes the attention of every human who has the appetite to learn from head scratching, mind-boggling and exceptionally challenging activities. It makes one sway along with the rhythm of an endless euphony. It encapsulates in itself a search to ignite the senses and drive the fire in them to reach the acme where stand the leaders stand who have the strength to change the world and leave indelible imprints on history. Infused with energy, zeal and a never ending hunt for knowledge, students all across the country compete to prove their mettle against all odds and restrictions, like a spaceship that thrusts against the gravity. So if there is that passion to learn and reason, a fire to stand out at the top and mania to compete against time and embark into the unknown the “FUTURE”, Ignisense’ 2015 awaits you. So be ready and sharpen your skills, as here comes the event that would set you on fire and test your insights. Here we bring to you IGNISENSE’2015. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

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