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HR Workshop

From Classroom to Industry: The Transition
Date - 25th January 2016

Re-living his college days, Mr. Rajesh Sridhar, Alumnus SIIB (Batch 2011-13), currently working at InMobi Bangalore (in HR), addressed the students of senior and junior HR batches.

He spoke at length about grabbing opportunities as and when they arise and how to be well equipped to walk the extra mile to achieve the success. He also reassured faith in the students regarding the placements at college.

Giving insights on InMobi Employee Branding Branding policy he talked about how the company introduced employee friendly policies, such as,rewarding referrals  with vacations, iPhones, and Royal Enfield rather than cash bonuses,  not seeking supervisor’s approval for upto six days leave, freedom and flexibility in the maternity leave, everyone getting a 100% bonus, doing away with performance appraisal systems.

He shared a few sources as must-reads for students, HR Value Proposition by Dave Ulrich and HBR articles to name a few. Two motivational videos were screened and he gave away self-help books to the students at the end of the session.

It was an enriching and value-adding session for the students.

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