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Arthashashtra Event of SIIB Arthashashtra Event of SIIB Arthashashtra Event of SIIB

"You cannot win if you are not at the table. You have to be where the action is!"

Arthashashtra, a flagship case study competition of SIIB, is designed to encourage budding managers to apply their classroom learning into solving real-life transitional and emerging market problems straight out of the corporate world.

The study of management, self-consciousness and agility that leads to superior quality is what Arthashashtra teaches us.

Arthashashtra was started in 2015, sponsored by Park Avenue in its 1 st year and NLPL in its 2 nd year, the event witnessed participation from B-schools pan India.

Arthashashtra 2.0 consisted of three rounds:

  1. Round 1: Karmabhoomi
    An online quiz to test the managerial aptitude of the participants.
  2. Round 2: Taandav
    Qualifying teams compete in an online qualitative case study competition. This round tested how well the teams conjoin management theories with real world corporate problems.
  3. Round 3: Ranbhoomi
    The on-campus round comprised presentation of the case problem with added constraints from the panel of judges.

With cash prize worth 65,000/- up for grabs, Arthashashtra saw 250 teams battle their way through Karmabhoomi (round 1) in the quest for Taandav (round 2). A total of 40 teams were shortlisted for the second round, out of which only 6 teams found their way to Ranbhoomi (round 3).

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