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Big Data Analytics in Renewable Energy - 19th August 2017

Workshop by Mr. Vinay Gupta (Head Data Analytics & Business Excellence, Suzlon Energy Ltd), 19th August 17
‘The role of Big Data Analytics in Renewable Energy’

Analytics is a vast field to know about and an analytical power in the renewables sector is a boon. Mr. Vinay Gupta introduced to us the concept of “Role of Big Data Analytics in Renewable Energy”.

With the help of a flow diagram Mr. Gupta explained to us that analytics is a tool which creates a data set into an analytical model that gives us results. These results are later used for evaluation. Its significance in a business is to create value. He quoted the higher managements from Vestas wind system and IBM’s global energy utilities. These quotes stated that the purpose of analysis is to create value for customers as they are the major stakeholders of the business.

As the session progressed we went into the details of big data analytics and its application in the renewable energy field. The 4 major KPI’s that is considered while the performing an analysis are Enhance Power Generation, Reduce Operating Expenditure, Improve Quality Score, Data Monetization. To maintain each KPI activities like reducing mechanical losses in the grid and prior planning of maintenance should be performed.

While going through these concepts Mr. Gupta defined Big Data as a set that has volume, velocity and variety. This meant that data to be analyzed depends on the amount of the data, the speed at which it is analyzed and its structure. Big data is segregated into its hierarchy i.e. descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics. For an analytical process to be complete the hierarchy should be followed. This would help in collecting data, analyzing it and then providing decision support.

In the wind energy sector 4 major areas of analysis are:

  1. Reliability & costing analysis.
  2. Wind Farm performance optimization.
  3. CBM & Predictive Maintenance.
  4. Wind farm siting and layout.

We further went onto learn about IoT’s involvement in data analytics. The entire process requires a data communication system, IP address for each unit and a bidirectional control system. IoT is an essential part as it plays a major role in data collection especially in real time. It helps in understanding the supply and demand of the activity.

With further discussions over SMART Grids they explained why maintaining critical balance between supply and demand is important. In renewable considering difficulties in high, low wind also how to address demand depending on our consumption which is measured by Smart Meters, Energy Meters with communication with Grid. He explained us about role of the analytical tools like R, MATLAB and Python in development and managing the big data. Mr. Vinay concluded the session with saying the “Energy Internet - Energy of Internet (EOT)” is important.

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