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Guest Lecture Report - Mr. Arpit Sirha

Guest Lecture Title: Startups – Why, What and How?

Date of Conduct:  3 October, 2020

Duration: 1.5 hours

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Arpit Sirha, Founder and CEO at WriteSome.

Batch: Batch 2019-21, MBA - International Business and Agri Business. 

No of students present: 120+


On 3rd October 2020, Mr. Arpit Sihra, an alumnus of Batch 2009-11, the Founder & CEO of WriteSome, delivered a guest lecture on “Startups-Why, What, How?” for the batch of 2019-21, International Business & Agribusiness. Mr. Sihra has also founded two other startups- Knowlo & BashMash. He is an entrepreneur, published author, and writer.

In his session, he gave us the insights of Startups, explaining the difference between a Startup and a company, and the mindset that one requires for having a successful Startup. He also shed light on the difficulties faced while starting a Startup and how one can overcome them with persistence. Mr. Sirha explained how the job market is on the unpredictable side, and thus everyone should venture into Startup at some point in time. He also shed light on the real business world and how the reality is entirely different from one’s expectations while starting a venture. Mr. Sirha explained the motivation that is required if one wants to start a Startup should line up with one’s willingness to solve an issue, and doing so without the fear of failure. One needs to identify a real problem, a market, scalability, a strong team, and a revenue model to design a successful Startup. He also explained how to weigh a business plan according to Lean Canvas along with the basics of pitching, the funding process, launching an idea, and the importance of regular customer feedback. Mr. Sirha stressed upon the fact that the ultimate aim that any founder of a Startup should be Growth. He expressed his sincere interest in guiding the students who plan to have their Startups in the future. . 

Student Feedback:

  1. “It was very informative. We got firsthand experience of what to expect from life in a Startup. How do Startups actually function and how do they develop their offerings. Also we got to know about the mindset that is required for entrepreneurship. It was an enlightening session. - Sanchit Raina, MBA - International Business (Marketing), Batch 2019-2021.
  1. “The session was really engaging and insightful. He didn't only talk about what is needed to start your own start-up but also the knowledge of how to go about things at ground level. He even told the do's and don’ts of a start-up and in a very interesting way. He shared this experience of his own journey which was really motivating. - Geetika Doomra, MBA - Agri Business, Batch 2019-2021.

Overall Feedback: The session was quite thorough and insightful and students were enthusiastic to know about various aspects of the world of Startups and shared their ideas with Mr. Sirha, who provided his priceless feedback on the same.

Guest Lecture Report - Mr. Arpit Sirha of SIIB
Guest Lecture Report - Mr. Arpit Sirha of SIIB
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