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GUEST LECTURE by Rohit Gulati

Guest Lecture Title: “Healthcare Macro-Environment and COVID Impact on Healthcare Sector” 

Date of Conduct: 26th September, 2020

Duration: 2 hours

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Rohit Gulati, Associate Director - Marketing, Karl Storz India

Organization: Karl Storz India

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Ms. Anuja Zanzad

Batch: MBA IB Batch 2019-21 

No of students present: 120+

On 26th September 2020, the students of MBA-IB Batch 2019-21 attended a guest lecture on the “Healthcare Macro-Environment and COVID Impact on Healthcare Sector” conducted by Mr. Rohit Gulati, Associate Director - Marketing, Karl Storz India. 

He spoke about the inequality in the healthcare sector, the key themes that are driving the healthcare industry as well as, the increasing demand for healthcare due to the presence of dual disease burden and the aging population. He said that only 70% of the population has access to medical insurance but with schemes such as Ayushmann Bharat, this number is growing but slowly. There are not as many beds or facilities as there exists a demand for it. The challenge for hospitals is now to extend their reach to tier two cities and to expand their reach beyond metros and Tier I cities. Traditional setups for hospitals and super-specialty hospitals have emerged to facilitate these expansions so that these hospitals would not miss out on a massive chunk of the customers from these regions. 

Through his presentation, Mr. Gulati presented industry statistics through infographics regarding the expansion of the healthcare industry in India and how the healthcare insurance industry is set for robust growth along with the health tech market. Next, Mr. Gulati went on to discuss the impact of COVID in India and discussing the economic scenario models according to GDP estimates stating that the full GDP recovery might happen only by 2023. He spoke about how the postponing of elective surgeries had affected the revenue of the healthcare industry the most. Hospitals expect a recovery to start by June 2021. Most of the hospitals, at this time, have seen their revenues come in from telemedicine. 

In the next section of his presentation, Mr. Gulati spoke about how the healthcare brands are dealing with the present situation as well as the emerging digital solutions such as telemedicine, point-of-care testing systems, drug discovery, etc. He finally spoke about the life of a CMO and the importance of handling conflicts arising out of digital controversies. In the end, the floor was opened for questions and the students learned a lot from the insights they received through the answers. 


  1. ‘The presentation was quite thorough and provided us with a lot of facts about the future trends in the health tech industry in a very concise way. The analytics and the future projections were quite insightful.’ – Prince Sharma, MBA, IB-Marketing, Batch 2019-2021. 
  2. ‘Overall, the session was quite interactive and helped us gain some deep insights into the workings of the healthcare and health tech industry in India.’, Ujwal Suri, MBA, IB-Marketing, Batch 2019-2021.


Overall Feedback: It was a very informative session and helped the students learn more about the future of working in the health tech industry as well as the responsibilities they might be expected to shoulder while working in this sector.

Overall Feedback: The discussion session helped students understand how to stay motivated at tough times, how to take on challenges, and become successful business leaders. 

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