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Guest Lecture Title: Overcoming Challenging times

Date of Conduct: 24th September, 2020

Duration: 1.5 hours

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Anil Bhasin, President

Organization: Havells India Ltd. 

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Student Relations / Ms. Anuja Zanzad

Batch: IB Batch 2019-21 

No of students present: 120+

On the 24th of September, the students of MBA-IB 2019-21 attended a guest lecture by Mr. Anil Bhasin, President, Havells India Ltd. The lecture was centered on “Overcoming Challenging Times”. 

Mr. Bhasin started the discussion with how we must learn to thrive in the most difficult of times and act accordingly. He emphasized on making the most of the time that is being spent at home lately and utilizing it to improve skills. He also said that we must develop a strong will power so that we can bounce back in tough times. 

He explained why we should consider failure not as an opposite of success but as a part of success. In a business environment, we do not deal with questions that are to be answered in a plain “yes” or “no” but we have to deal with objections. We must understand the client’s concerns, and communicate about what we have to offer to them. Listening with patience and gaining as much practical knowledge as possible are imperative to fostering relationships. Mr. Bhasin gave examples of leaders who made big in the business world with great ideas with meagre money. 

He went on to talk about an interesting 4D philosophy of success that he had devised: Desire, Direction, Dedication and Discipline. He mentioned the qualities a student ought to develop such as patience and hard work, intense focus on goal, alertness, leave comfort zone, etc. The discussion ended with a Question and Answer Session. 


  1. “It was a really enriching session. The discussion inspired me to dream big and channelize my energy in the right direction to achieve success in life.”  – Akshita Pradhan, MBA, International Business (Finance), Batch 2019-2021.
  2. “The session was truly motivating and the learnings are sure to stay with us for life.” –Manjot Singh, MBA, International Business (Marketing), Batch 2019-2021. 

Overall Feedback: The discussion session helped students understand how to stay motivated at tough times, how to take on challenges, and become successful business leaders. 

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