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Celebration of International Day on Campus by SIIB

Today, SIIB celebrated International Day on campus. The International Day celebrations were a part of the pre-event of the Leadership Series. The event witnessed active participation from the entire batch of 2018-20 from all the branches; International Business, Agri-Business and Energy and Environment.

The event began with an address from our Director, Dr Asmita Chitnis, who gave all the students an insight on the importance of in-class and outside-the-class learning in students' life and how students should always learn from the experiences of successful personalities.

The event was convened by our faculty Ms Smita Santoki with a team of student volunteers who carried out the entire management of event efficiently.

International Day Celebration involved participation of 10 teams who were assigned different countries. Each team presented the international trade relations of their respective countries with comparison to India. Along with trade related information, a lot of other information such as culture, demographics, entertainment, traditions, customs and fun facts of various countries were presented. The winning team will be awarded a cash prize.

The audience was very enthusiastic throughout the event and cheered their colleagues as they performed.

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