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Imprints Bengaluru 2019

“Remembering those giggles and times, amalgamated expressions and feelings refreshed everything.”

Our alumni refabricated their memories on 31st August 2019. SIIB’s Alumni Relations Team takes great pride and pleasure in sharing with you the third chapter of SIIB’s city-wise Alumni meet, IMPRINTS ’19-Bengaluru, held at Royal Orchid Hotels, HAL Airport Road, Bengaluru.

Our Director, Dr. Asmita Chitnis, addressed the gathering and welcomed them to the event. She requested for their feedback on the existing curriculum besides briefing them about SIIB’s latest achievements.

The segment of “Alumni Speak” took a whole new turn this time. All the alumni were invited on the podium to share their fondest memories of SIIB and their experiences in the working organizations. They took us to a whole new ride by sharing their stories.

The evening progressed as the alumni relived their days at SIIB, strengthened their old bonds and renewed friendships and parted with a promise to stay in touch with each other.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the alumni for gracing us with their presence and look forward to many more interactions in the near future.

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