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Guest Lecture by Mr. Navin Chandani

Date: 17th August, 2019

On 17th August, 2019, SIIB hosted one of its alumni from the 1995-97 batch, Mr. Navin Chandani, CBO of for a guest lecture. The talk started off with an introductory note by Mrs. Monica Chandani, also an alumnus of SIIB. In his speech, Mr. Chandani spoke about the importance of open-mindedness, interaction and the zeal of trying out new things. He proceeded to speak about the importance of managing your own finances, relating it to the use of financial interfaces such as PayTM and Google Pay and how they have revolutionized the online payment sector by acting as a substitute for debit cards. After this, he spoke about the different types of cards that can be used as modes of payment e.g. credit, debit, prepaid and charge cards. Next, he focused on explaining the process of card payment and the different stakeholders in the process such as customers, merchants, acquirers and issuers. He further discussed the factors to consider while applying for and using credit cards such as applying for a no-fee credit card and maintaining a good credit score. He went on to discuss the significance of sustaining a good credit score and the elements that could affect a person’s credit score both positively and negatively. Finally, he proceeded to discuss the changing scenarios in digital payment infrastructure through digital payment platforms such as Billdesk, Razorpay, PayU, Google Pay, etc. The lecture ended with a question-answer session where the students asked insightful questions about the digital payment platforms and methods. The students of MBA, International Business, Agri-Business and Energy and Environment of Batch 2019-21 gained a lot of insights about the BFSI sector from the lecture.

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